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So you’re unsure about Microsoft 365 vs Office 365 huh? You’re not alone, but we can try to explain!


Basically... Microsoft 365 is Office 365 Business Premium PLUS Microsoft's Services; Defender, Azure Protection, Conditional Access, Virtual Desktop and Intune.

Once upon a time, you will have used what was known simply as Office, a collection of applications such as Word, Excel and Outlook. But as times change so must technology and Microsoft are no exception; Office was re-branded as Office 365 and was moved to become a Cloud service. This change means that, as a Cloud based suite of applications and services, Office 365 is more accessible and flexible to function more in line with the way that modern work and business is conducted, designed to improve business productivity. True to its predecessor, it includes some apps you’re probably familiar with such as Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel along with some more modern ones that are new to the service.

In 2017 Microsoft unveiled Microsoft 365 which brings together Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security, delivering a complete, intelligent and secure solution. It’s basically a bundle of key products offered under one license.


So which is right for you?


This is not a simple question, and ideally it’s something that you can discuss in detail with a Microsoft Partner (like us) to get the right answer. You can contact us HERE.


Essentially there are some easy Yes or No questions that you can run through.


If you’re already using Office 365 but want the additional services that are included in Microsoft 365, then it’s probably the right move for you to upgrade you subscription.


If you’re looking at what’s offered as part of Microsoft 365 and it’s definitely more than you feel you want or need, Office 365 will allow you to mix and match your plan to suit. SEE PRICES HERE.



Transitioning to Office 365 and Microsoft 365


If you don’t currently have either of these products and are NOT using anything else (this is going to be extremely rare), then setting you up with Office 365 or Microsoft 365 is relatively quick and easy.


However, if you currently use anything else there is a great deal of migration and management required for a smooth transition and setup. There’s a lot involved and the potential business disruption it can cause is substantial if not done correctly, let alone costs in time and workload. Most of the disruptive elements of a setup and migration can be carried out outside of operating hours so as to minimise issues and stresses to the business.

Upgrading your Office 365 package at any level up to another package or up to Microsoft 365 is pretty simple and can be done with virtually no disruption.


All in All


Both products are great and have a lot to offer, between them they cover the vast majority of business needs from individual or sole trader up to large scale enterprise. But as with much of IT, unless you are tech savvy you may find yourself struggling with setting up, migrating and integrating your system. Sometimes it’s just best to call in the experts!  


We hope that this has answered some of your questions, if not please feel free to CONTACT US and ask whatever is on your mind. Or just give us a call and speak to one of our friendly team.

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