Businesses are more at risk from cyber threats and attacks than they have ever been. These threats and attacks are becoming more and more advanced and the risks they pose to businesses are huge! They can result in catastrophic data loss or data theft, serious loss of business productivity, all of which can lead to potentially massive financial loss.

Digital Security

Modern networks and IT demands continue to get more complex, but your IT security doesn't have to.

We are proud to be partnered with SOPHOS. The world leader in digital security, and undoubtedly the number one recognised security provider in the ICT industry. 

Our Sophos qualified engineering team have installed countless systems, talk to us today about why we recommend Sophos to our clients and get a quote. With the help of the Sophos systems we can also help you design your Disaster Recovery Plan.

Find out more about the revolutionary products that we offer and how and why they'll work for you.



From PCs to smartphones, tablets and laptops, our endpoint protection keeps users safe without getting in the way of their work.


Firewall, Wifi, VPN, web and email protection. You'll have complete control over the security features you need all in one place.


Our antivirus protection delivers rapid, effective protection across your network of physical and virtual servers.



This information is up-to-the-minute information on the latest internet malware, spam, and web threats.


On-Site Security 

Your physical business should be safe and secure, just like your digital, and we understand how important it is to get it right. 

Protect your offices, shops, warehouses, storerooms, classrooms, labs, car parks... everywhere!



Our range of cameras are available to suit any situation in any premises. Whether you want to keep an eye on your car in the car park while you work or implement large scale surveillance for high risk, high traffic areas.

  • Remote access to footage

  • Secure and reliable data storage

  • Form part of a Dynamic Lockdown procedure

  • Remote emergency assistance

  • Automatic head counting

  • Built in fire detection algorithms


Your camera type could be key to ensuring the success and coverage of your premises;

  • HD

  • Fire detection

  • Wide angle

  • Low light / Infrared

  • Fireproof

  • Indoor / Outdoor






No matter your industry or sector, controlling access and egress to your sites are incredibly important to you, and so it’s important to us. As well as protecting your organisation from unwanted and unauthorised access, you can use it to ensure Health and Safety compliance or as part of a lockdown solution for the event of a serious Safety breach.


We can install the right door control system to make sure that your security is top notch. Whether it be;


  • RFID card

  • Fob locks

  • Number pad

  • Facial recognition

We can link these controls into your CCTV and time management solution so your entire system is linked up and working in unison to create total site security.





Improve time keeping and effectively monitor your staff, pupils, contractors etc. by using a robust and reliable attendance clocking solution.


There are new and advanced ways of maintaining low absence rates and increasing time efficiency, and there’s a right solution for everyone. They also have use for Health and Safety procedures such as emergency situation roll calls.

Clocking/in and out can be done in a variety of ways, and we will find the one that’s most suitable for your premises.

  • Punch card

  • ID card

  • Fob

  • Finger print

  • Remote



We can also integrate your clocking system into your Accounts packages such as Sage, so that payroll is a far simpler task. Minimising manual data inputting and reducing error rates. This data collection can be done at multiple sites but collated to one central location, ideal for multi-site organisations.



Sadly it’s a fact that some of our most vulnerable are the most at risk from serious security incidents. Because of this some organisations such as schools are required to have a lockdown solution to manage security in an emergency such as a terrorist attack.


This is a massive subject and requires a lot of planning  and designing, but our technicians are up to the task. Talk to us today about your Dynamic Lockdown solution and how we can help you plan, design, install and maintain a comprehensive protocol in case of emergency.




Our Security solutions will help you build your organisation’s Distater Recovery Plan. Ensuring that in the event of something like a major fire, you have a plan in place to get back to work with hardware and with access to all of your networks and data.

DRP Disater recovery planning


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Opening Team Viewer will allow Computer Solutions remote access to your IT, enabling us to work on your PC, laptop or tablet.

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