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Hosted Cloud Solutions

Cloud based solutions can give you the performance and resources required to run your systems without having a server or hardware physically on site.


It improves accessibility of data and services, provides safe backup systems and allows hardware to pool processing resources to speed up performance.

Unsure if these are right for you? Read the below sections for explanations or read our FAQs about Hosting and Cloud Solutions.

Hosted Servers

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Hosted Servers

By using a Cloud based server solution you get the performance and resources required to run your systems without having server hardware physically on site.

There are several major benefits to a tailored Computer Solutions hosted service;

  • No need for large, power hungry in house server hardware.

  • Remote systems access for multiple sites and remote working.

  • Faster working speeds.

  • Flexibility to increase or decrease resources as required.

  • Lower spec. machines can run more powerful programmes by pulling processing power from remote systems.

  • Easy organisation wide upgrades and monitoring.


All of your existing data can be migrated and users set up, and with ongoing support you’re cloud ready!
These systems aren’t right for everyone, we will  always assess and advise on the most suitable server solution.


Data Cloud
Hosted Servers
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Hosted Backup

Image by Patrick Lindenberg

We partner with Altaro, Datto and Microsoft to provide our clients with the very best and most secure cloud hosted backup storage solutions.

Benefits of hosted backup;

  • Reduced overheads - only pay for the storage you use.

  • Scaleable - Flex the storage space quickly and easily.

  • Data recovery - In a disaster recovery scenario, your data can be recovered quicker and easier when cloud hosted.

Disaster... what disaster?

Have no fear. As part of a Managed Service solution from us, in less that 24 hours you can have full access to your company networks, your files and even previous settings.


No sweat, no fuss.


Find out more about;


Hosted Backup
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Domain & Web Hosting

We can provide you with cost effective domain registration and reliable domain and web hosting.



Many clients prefer to have one point of contact for domain based issues to save time, money and hassle.

Have you considered how your systems such as your CRM or your Accounts packages integrate with your website and email? If we also run your Microsoft 365, features can be integrated to work alongside your website and email to;

  • Data Capture into your CRM

  • Run and Monitor Marketing

  • Link Online Sales into your Accounts Software

  • Improve Consumer Engagement

  • and so much more...

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Domain & Web Hosting
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