Network Infrastructure

Think of your organisation as a tree, your network infrastructure is your roots. Without sturdy, well maintained roots your tree wouldn’t get what it needs, undermining stability and the ability to grow. 

Infrastructure is the hardware and software resources of an entire network enabling connectivity, communication, operations and management of an enterprise network. It provides the communication path and services between users, processes, applications, and external networks/the internet. 

Often the issues arising from a failing IT system come down to the basic infrastructure that’s in place. You may be facing issues such as;

  • Internet connectivity failures.

  • Issues connecting to network resources and hardware.

  • Inefficient/unsafe practices in sharing of data.

  • Insufficient network speeds.

  • Disjointed systems that don’t work together.

  • Poor and/or over complicated communication throughout the business or between sites.

  • Inability to flex the system and network for growth.


Our infrastructure team are experts in installation of fibre, CAT5e and CAT6 cabling from basic fault finding and repair of existing cabling structures, through to full new build cabling installations. 

We have extensive experience in producing robust and reliable network architecture, while also future-proofing wherever possible and allowing room for business growth.


Fibre is the future of cabling, and our fibre optic engineers have the equipment and know-how to design and install super fast and reliable fibre optic connectivity solutions. 


Wireless Networks

We can design and install a network covering internal and external areas of any shape and size. Offering you extensive and secure wireless coverage throughout your premises.

Need multiple secure networks? No problem
Need superfast internet? No problem
Need a designated guest network? No problem


By configuring external point to point wireless we can link remote premises, allowing the sharing of a broadband connection. Great for sites that may not have their own internet access or just want better connectivity.

For sites needing to share data and resources especially when it’s required to be secure, we can create a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) or an SD-WAN connection allowing quick and secure data transfer.

Linking Premises

TeamViewer Remote Access

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Opening Team Viewer will allow Computer Solutions remote access to your IT, enabling us to work on your PC, laptop or tablet.

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