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Have you thought
about your
remote working

We’ve all seen recently the need to consider the implications of being unable to attend our regular workplace.

In the event of flooding or fire, or more serious examples such as social disorder, or maybe to prevent the spread of a contagion... ahem... we’re not naming names. But the work must continue and we have to focus on minimising business impact.

Have you considered how your workforce will continue to safely and easily access your networks, their files, emails and contacts? Or how they’ll be able to interact with colleagues and continue collaborative work?


We can help you find the best solution to fit
your business needs whether you need 1 remote worker or 100.

So what options are there?

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A firewall with a lot to offer. First class, fast accessibility with full protection and security.

Sophos XGS devices are suitable for nearly every business. The range provides industry leading performance with ultimate flexibility, connectivity and reliability in every factor form.

The device creates a safe and secure VPN for staff to use for access, ensuring that they can continue to work wherever they are, while at the same time securing your company infrastructure from cyber threats, which is increasingly difficult the more remote the access becomes.

Though it may seem like a “big buy” to get a new firewall solution, the benefits are extensive, and an XGS adds more than just remote working capabilities. 

Microsoft 365’s total solution gives businesses easy and cost-effective access to remote working capabilities through a fantastic system of features such as Azure, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams. 

With these resources at your disposal, we can create secure networks that allow cloud based working. Allowing you to use shared storage space and access files and networks. Microsoft Teams can be used to encourage collaborative working through easy communication, file sharing and can even be configured as an internet based telephony system with Teams Voice.

If you currently have Office 365, we can upgrade user accounts that require the extra resources. No Microsoft products? We can sort this out for you too. 

If you already have Microsoft 365 but are in any way unsure how to utilise these capabilities, let us help by offering training.

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